Meal and More, the feed elevator in Morrice, has announced that they will no longer maintain the local feed and farm supply part of their business.

Instead, they are concentrating their efforts on their feed supplement business, which serves the United States and several foreign countries. This product line has become the largest part of the business and continues to grow 20-30% a year, while the local farm community continues to downsize.

In October, Meal and More began the construction of a new facility, which will come online this spring.

Saturday, Feb. 13 will be the last day of local sales. In the meantime, all pre-packaged items not manufactured in Morrice will be sold at a 30% discount.

Meal and More has contacted all of their long-term customers to help them make arrangements with other elevators.

Starting Monday, Feb. 15, the office will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but only the Oxy-GenTM brand of supplements will be available for sale to the public.

Beth Andrus, President of Meal and More, said, “It was a very difficult decision for us. This location has served our rural communities for over 130 years, and we have mixed feelings about our decision; but we think it is in the best interests of our employees and the company to focus on the ever-increasing part of our business.”

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