OVID-ELSIE AREA SCHOOLS has been working toward creating a branded marketing plan for the school system for several years, so a recent survey to gather opinions on refreshing the mascot is another logical step in the process of eliminating mascot confusion. By mascot confusion, Dr. Ryan Cunningham, superintendent, explained that over time, the O-E mascot has had several design interpretations. Alumni from differing decades have identified various mascot designs as the “original.” In fact, the original design, whatever that may have been, dates back to a patch design used in the late 1960s after the Elsie Reds and Ovid Romans joined to become the Ovid-Elsie Marauders. To add to the confusion, there are even different versions of those early patches.

   In 2010, a strategic planning committee came together to eliminate any discrepancy regarding the overall school vision/mission statement by creating a consistent message, and that effort has included narrowing down school colors to specific pantones, as well as forming branding such as the current block O-E letters and the O-E globe. The school board also offered a simple survey approximately four years ago that showed that 70 percent of those surveyed “said yes, that it was time to refresh the mascot,” shared Cunningham.

   The strategic planning committee has now narrowed the mascot options down to three. Option #1 resembles the mascot costume utilized at athletic events. Option #2 is inspired by a drawing a student made several years ago. Option #3 most resembles the traditional variations of the mascot, minus the sword. Area people can either visit ovidelsie.org and click on the graphic for a google document/form or visit the schools where paper copies are available. The deadline for the survey is Friday, Feb. 9. The school system includes around 6,900 registered voters and 1,500 students. The students are allowed to vote, too. It is the current goal of the school system to have results calculated by mid-February.

   Some individuals have expressed concern about cost, but Cunningham shared that the board has absolutely no intention of immediately modernizing everything with a new version of the mascot. He stated that as time goes by, as items break down and need replacement, as new uniforms are required, or t-shirts are ordered, that only then would the new mascot be utilized.

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