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by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

The Friends of Doyle Knight (FODK), a 501c3 nonprofit organization comprised mostly of Lennon-area residents and former Doyle Knight Elementary School students, is undertaking the laborious task of organizing and raising funds in order to construct a veterans memorial park in the village of Lennon. The group was founded in early 2016, and the members are making steady progress in their quest to honor the village’s growing list of military veterans.

The memorial park will be located near the intersection of Lennon and Lytle roads in Lennon, across the street from the Community District Library and the Lennon Elevator. The property was sold to the FODK by Venice Township for $1. The group then completed the painstaking process of filing paperwork to establish a name and 501c3 designation. With that accomplished, the group is now putting its plan into action. The FODK has begun taking donations and is planning future fundraising events, and the group has collected the names of nearly 190 Lennon veterans for the memorial. The group is also in the process of writing a grant request that will be submitted to the state.

After getting most of the preliminary organizational tasks out of the way, the group is working on the first stage of the project, which includes purchasing and installing a privacy fence to separate the downtown property from neighboring properties. The park will feature a black granite wall, which will be engraved with the names of the aforementioned veterans. The wall will be surrounded by a blue sidewalk, benches, lights, and possibly a statue of Doyle Knight that would be added after the rest of the memorial park is completed. Project donors will be honored in the park as well, and in a unique way. Every donor will have his/her name inscribed on an Idaho stone, with all the stones then pieced together to form a map of Michigan.

FODK organizer Marcia Harris appreciates Venice Township selling the necessary property at such a low price, and she is happy that the Lennon Lions are so “gung-ho” about the project. She also reports that a number of Lennon-area businesses have shown support. Any person wishing to join the FODK, or obtain more information, can call Marcia at (810) 621-3695. Additionally, informational flyers can be found at most businesses within the village. Donations can be dropped off to FODK member Sharon Patsey at TVC, 3095 S. Sheridan Rd. in Lennon, at which time a receipt will be given.

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