THE LEBOWSKY CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS presented a $100,300 check to the Shiawassee Community Foundation for an endowment fund to be administered by the SCF on Friday, Sept. 2.  

   Starting an endowment for Lebowsky was the brainchild of departing Executive Director Kathy Brooks, who recognized the need for such a fund. To begin the endowment, the theatre needed to raise $100,000. They reached that goal and now the endowment is being managed by the SCF to earn interest. The interest will be rolled over year after year to grow the account and provide a safety net of funds for the theatre. Brooks was recognized for her service at the event.

   Also at the event, patrons and board members were introduced to incoming Executive Director Kelleigh Tanton, who is eager to raise funds to grow the endowment account to ensure financial stability for the theatre for years to come and encouraged people to donate to the cause.

 (Courtesy Photo)

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