by Elizabeth Wehman, editor


SIGNING A LEASE AGREEMENT between the Durand Union Station, Inc., and city of Durand are DUSI Board President Mike Rexin and Durand Mayor Deb Doyle at the Tuesday, April 19 DUSI annual membership meeting. Joining the signers were the entire Durand City Council as well as DUSI board members. (Courtesy Photo)

Negotiations between the city of Durand and Durand Union Station, Inc., have been ongoing for a few years, but an official signing of a lease agreement took place on Tuesday, April 19 at DUSI’s annual membership meeting held at Durand Union Station. The lease was the primary concern of the evening, having been subject of much controversy and legal wrangling during the time it took to come to an agreement.

The entire Durand City Council was on hand to witness the signing by Mayor Deb Doyle, Durand City Manager Amy Roddy, and DUSI Board President Mike Rexin. The city of Durand owns the building structure, DUSI maintains the building and operates the Michigan Railroad History Museum housed at the depot, but until now, there has never been a formalized lease agreement in the 35 years of the arrangement.

“I’m just glad all the lease negotiations are behind us and we can move forward in a positive direction,” Mayor Doyle said afterward. DUSI’s President Rexin echoed those sentiments. “It’s more than a relief to finally have a lease. Now the real work starts, and our Board has already begun the process of organizational planning to make sure that this building remains as a symbol of this community. We look forward to having two new Board members representing the City of Durand become involved and share their input. I have no doubt that great things lay ahead.”

One of the provisions of the lease is that the City will have two seats on the Board of Directors with representatives of their choosing. City Manager Roddy was upbeat as well. “I am absolutely thrilled that after a very long process that the City Council and DUSI were able to successfully negotiate and execute a new lease. I look forward to a renewed relationship to commemorate the rich rail history of the Durand community.”

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