LANSING HOMING PIGEON CLUB members Eugene Kares and Tom Richards can be seen releasing their pigeons to begin the popular pigeon release and race at the Shiawassee County Fair on Thursday, Aug. 10. Once released, the pigeons immediately left the fairgrounds on their way back to their respective lofts around mid-Michigan. The GPS trackers attached to each bird’s ankle records how far and for how long the birds fly, and sensors located at the birds’ home lofts record the time of return. The race winners are then calculated based on their feet per second speed.
The birds instinctively return to their home lofts, so even if a pigeon is sold and moved from its original home, there is a good chance it will return to its original owner. Richards shared that the birds average a speed of approximately 60 MPH and can fly hundreds of miles continuously.
(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

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