By Elizabeth Wehman, editor

Detective Lieutenant David Kirk never imagined, as he was growing up in Corunna, that he would be looking back on a career in Shiawassee County as a law enforcement officer. Starting in the Shiawassee County Sheriff Department in 1995 and evolving into his current position as a detective was not the path Kirk saw for his life. Instead, while attending Corunna High School, he dreamed of becoming a NFL player, or a teacher and coach. Yet he grew up with men who wore uniforms, not only in his own home, but even his neighbor wore a uniform while protecting the lives of those living in Shiawassee County. His father was a firefighter for 30 years.

Instead of pursuing his Master’s degree in teaching, he soon found his way back to Corunna in 1995 and in 2005 became a Detective Lieutenant for the county. “I wanted to be a resident here because of the heart of the people in our community. We have community pride,” he added. “The team here, at the Shiawassee Sheriff’s office, has always been exceptional.”

On March 14, Kirk will assume a new role as the Chief of Police in Portland, MI leaving behind a career

strewn with amazing highlights here in Corunna. His office walls are adorned with many awards and honors he has received as a Detective for the county. In 2002, Kirk began working on a case for the county which would solidify his right to be a detective as he sorted through the 2000 murder of Rachel Scott. Being a detective on that case helped Kirk learn detective work at its finest. Put into his lap was evidence, but little else to find the murderer of 17 year old Scott found dead in Vernon. Sketchy reports, misleading advice from the unknown killer at the time, sent Kirk in many directions trying to solve the case. “But for some reason,” Kirk assured, “the case appeared to have some kind of ‘divine intervention’ to it. Slowly, clues and evidence fell into place and in 2011 Kirk, along with his co-workers, put Laurencio Rodriguez behind bars, for good, when he was found guilty of the second-degree murder of Scott. “That case taught me so much,” added Kirk.

Kirk went on in his career to cover cases such as the 2009 Poullion/Fuoss murder as well as the 2006 Selepak/Bachynski case. Kirk says he never did anything alone, but with a great team at the Sheriff department. “I have great respect and confidence for the officers here,” he said. The department is currently looking to hire a replacement for Kirk.

Kirk is excited to start his new position in Portland but will leave behind many family, friends and co-workers and even people like Rachel Scott’s family who now considers Kirk a part of their family. “Portland has a progressive department, a purpose of preserving what they have there, yet still forward thinking,” Kirk adds. “I’m anxious to be a leader there.” Kirk will leave his hometown to begin his new job with his wife, Heather and his six year old daughter.

“I have great respect for the prosecutors and judges of this community. They are awesome and are one of the greatest resources in Shiawassee County,” Kirk smiles, “I will miss all of them.”

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