KELLY ROSSMAN-MCKINNEY officially kicked off her campaign for the 24th District Michigan Senate seat on Tuesday, April 17. In a crowded campaign office filled with family and supporters, Rossman-McKinney promised to bring her “kitchen table problem-solving” to Lansing. Addressing the crowded room and supporters watching live on social media from the same kitchen table she started her small business from 30 years ago, she explained why she is running.

  “We sit down at the kitchen table to solve problems, pay bills, discuss the events of the day, play cards, make cookies, finger-paint and ultimately understand each other better,” Rossman-McKinney said, calling for a return to long-term problem-solving in the legislature. “I want to bring practical kitchen table solutions to the Capitol. I’m fed up with the political show in Lansing and that’s why I’m running.”

  “People are tired of the bickering and the bipartisan fighting in Lansing,” said Bath Township supporter Theresa Kidd. “The people in our community have dealt with this political show for too long as the real problems in go unresolved.”

  After 30 years as a small business owner, this is Rossman-McKinney’s first run for office. “I’m frustrated with the legislature’s continued partisan political stunts,” she said. “We have a legislature that attempts to make cuts in the budget without understanding or telling the taxpayers where the cuts will be or how it will affect real people.”

  Rossman-McKinney is CEO of Truscott Rossman. She is married to officer Dave Thompson and has four adult children. Rossman-McKinney followed the event by officially filing the paperwork to be on the ballot for the 24th Michigan Senate District, covering Eaton, Clinton, Shiawassee counties and the northeast quadrant of Ingham County.

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