OWOSSO’S LOCAL German shepherd breeder, Karla McCurdy of McCurdy German Shepherds, won the USCA Sieger, 18-24 LSH, with her dog, Ruby Vom McCurdy, this past weekend in Statesville, NC.

   This year’s annual competition was hosted by the Piedmont Shutzhund Club of Claremont, NC and boasted a registration of 398 German shepherds. Dogs, owners, handlers and spectators traveled not only nationwide but from as far as Germany and Canada to compete in the prestigious event.

   The USCA, United Shutzhund Clubs of America, is an organization that is dedicated to protecting and preserving the German shepherd dog’s working heritage by hosting shows, breed surveys and Schutzhund trials. These exams are major contributors in ensuring the consistent breeding of only the finest dogs and that the German shepherd dog (GSD) continues to be the best and most versatile breed.

   Sieger means champion in German and refers to the breeding sport Schutzhund, which has qualified working GSDs for breeding since their being, prior to the 20th century. The German Sieger trials, run by the original GSD club, the Schaferhundverein (SV), have long been considered the gold standard for Schutzhund.

   Ruby Vom McCurdy also holds championships and awards in UKC and USCA competitions. For more information, search “McCurdy German Shepherds” on social media.

(Courtesy Photo)

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