Sen. Rick Jones announced on Thursday, May 28, that he is working with Rep. Ben Glardon of Owosso and Wheeler Trucking to bring hundreds of jobs to Shiawassee County. Jones planned to be at the company’s site on Monday, June 8.

Rex Wheeler, owner of Wheeler Trucking, contacted Jones and Glardon for help. He wants to build a new truck center in Shiawassee County and employ 300 or more truckers.

“This is an excellent chance to help a local job provider invest and create jobs here in Michigan,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “I’m happy to fight for new business investment and well-paying jobs for Shiawassee County families. Mr. Wheeler wants to employ at least 300 truckers, and his top driver makes more than $100,000. These are good American jobs, and they are ready to hire right now. The biggest obstacle is a few feet in state law.”

Wheeler Trucking delivers new semi-trucks all over the country using saddle mounts. Years ago, Michigan artificially changed its length requirement for truck hauling, making it shorter than the requirement for hauling cars. Wheeler said his truckers get tickets for being over the limit, and without a change, he might have to move his operation to another state.

“Senate Bill 274 would make Michigan’s artificially short length on truck hauling more in line with federal regulations,” it was stated in a news release, which said: “Jones is working with Glardon to get such a bill to the governor’s desk.

“Jones said Wheeler would prefer to bring the jobs to New Lothrop in Shiawassee County, and the company is planning a grand announcement in June.

The Michigan State Police and Department of Transportation support the legislation, which is currently before the Senate Transportation Committee.

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