GracePointe Wesleyan Church of Owosso is welcoming sister congregation Northgate Wesleyan into its family on Aug. 27. By joining together, both congregations believe they can better impact the community and touch more people in Shiawassee County. Both congregations have approved this plan and are beginning the process of transitioning from two congregations to one.

“Coming together will best position us to fulfill our mission to offer the hope and grace of Jesus Christ to our neighbors across the street and around the world,” said Wes Coffey, lead pastor of GracePointe Wesleyan Church. “Even though there are many details to work out, we are confident God will use both GracePointe and Northgate members to impact the community we love so much.”

Services at Northgate Wesleyan will wind down during August, with both congregations coming together for a celebration service at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 27 at Northgate. After that, all members will meet weekly at GracePointe Wesleyan at 715 S. Washington St. in Owosso. Plans regarding how to utilize the two church properties are still ongoing.

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