Rep. Ben Glardon’s House Bill 5278 was recently signed into law by Gov. Rick Synder, becoming Public Act 115 of 2016. Shiawassee County Drain Commissioner Anthony “Tony” Newman traveled to Lansing to attend the signing of House Bill 5278 by Governor Rick Snyder. The bill will provide consistency in the state’s drain code, Rep. Glardon announced.

The new law amends the state drain code to allow for principal and interest to be recovered. There are projects that have outstanding principal and interest cost for bonds or notes that are not included within the current recoverable expenses. It would also allow inter-county drain districts, those that span at least two counties to recover the same costs as intra-county drain districts.

“Drainage districts should be allowed to collect costs for principal and interest. Without this change, these counties would have no way to recoup the full cost associated with the project,” said Rep. Glardon, R-Owosso. “Recovery methods should be consistent between both intercounty and intracounty drainage districts.”

This change was especially important for the Misteguay Creek Inter-County Drainage District, which includes Shiawassee, Saginaw, and Genessee Counties. Rep. Glardon and Shiawassee Drain Commissioner Newman worked together throughout the legislative process, Newman played an integral role, by providing insight from the community and attending committee hearings to testify on the legislation. (Courtesy Photo)

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