Citing the need to protect consumers in Michigan, Rep. Ben Glardon introduced last week House Bill 5797, requiring gas stations to add additional security measures to prevent credit card skimming at gas station pumps. “Many gas stations are already taking steps to deal with skimming, but we need to make sure all of them across the state are up to date,” said Rep. Glardon, R-Owosso. “Protection of people’s identities and information is extremely important.”

Gas station skimming refers to people who use new technology to steal a customer’s personal banking information when paying at the pump. Generally referred to as “skimmers,” these small electronic devices are embedded into the electronic credit card reader system.

To date, over 40 skimmers have been removed from gas pumps across the state by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) inspectors, local law enforcement, service companies, and station operators.

“These additional security measures are requirements with minimal financial burden to gas station owners, but will result in great consumer protection,” Rep. Glardon said Rep. Glardon also called on customers to do their part by keeping a lookout for gas pump tampering.

“People should keep an eye open for any tampering with the gas pump that could be from a credit card skimmer and report it to the attendant,” he said. “Also make sure to monitor your credit and debit card accounts regularly. It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft.”

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