(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)


by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

Fire erupted from the upper level of the Cavalier Bar in Corunna shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11, completely destroying the longtime downtown Corunna establishment. Everyone was safely evacuated from the bar thanks to the quick thinking of Perry resident Cassaundra Grove, and the Corunna/Caledonia Fire Department was assisted in battling the blaze by fire departments from the city of Owosso, Owosso Township, city of Durand, Vernon Township, Perry Area and Venice Township. The bar was a total loss, but the combined effort of the county’s fire fighters prevented serious damages to Cleveland Bail Bonding and the Hometown Variety Store.

An air conditioning unit located in the apartment above the Cavalier Bar is believed to be the cause of the fire, which was finally extinguished at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Several police and EMS agencies assisted fire fighters in containing the fire, and heavy equipment provided by Collard’s Masonry & Concrete was used to pull burning debris away from the neighboring businesses and keep the burning remains of the Cavalier Bar from falling into nearby power lines.

Many witnesses who remember the fire that ravaged downtown Corunna in the early 1990s feared a similarly devastating conclusion, but the fire was miraculously contained, despite the hot, dry weather conditions that have led to the implementation of burning bans across the state.

“I was shopping at Home Depot when I got the call,” shared Corunna Mayor Chuck Kerridge on Thursday morning. “I got to the scene about 20 minutes after the fire started, and when I pulled up I had no doubt that we were going to lose the entire block. Thankfully, our local fire fighters were quick to respond. They all did an amazing job, and it is because of them that the fire was put out before it could spread. Their efforts kept the fire from getting out of control and saved the rest of the businesses on this block.”

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