THESE 4TH-GRADERS at Bryant Elementary School in Owosso thoroughly enjoyed their lesson from FARM Science Lab agricultural educator Nicole Whitmore on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Robin Powell’s 4th-grade class received a tutorial covering the importance of agriculture, with visual aids, hands-on learning tools and interactive group work to further enhance the presentation.

   The students learned the difference between dirt and soil, and that approximately 75 percent of the earth is covered by water while only roughly three percent of the earth’s surface is suitable for farming. Whitmore explained that, as the world’s population continues to grow, and farmable land continues to be sacrificed to accommodate that growing population, preserving our planet’s natural resources has never been more important.

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)


   First through 5th-grade students at Owosso’s Bryant Elementary School experienced the FARM (Food, Agriculture & Resources in Motion) Science Lab for the first time during the week leading up to Christmas break. The students learned more about how their food is raised during tutorials on such subjects as renewable resources, food science and the structures and functions of plants, among many others.

   From Monday, Dec. 16 through Wednesday, Dec. 18, classes cycled through the FARM Science Lab’s heated mobile classroom, which is equipped with the latest teaching technologies and tooled with STEM-based lessons to increase agricultural awareness. The mobile classroom brings engaging, hands-on, field trip-type learning directly to schools.

   The Michigan-based FARM Science Lab helps to reinforce grade-level standards with hands-on science experiments while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives. All FARM Science Lab lessons meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

   “The FARM Science Lab provides an opportunity for students engage and learn about the role agriculture plays in our daily lives while connecting to the NGSS science standards,” said Michelle Blodgett, Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom Manager, Michigan Farm Bureau. “Through our Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom programming, which includes the FARM Science Lab, we strive to show teachers ways to make real-world connections to scientific concepts through agriculture.”

   The FARM Science Lab’s visit to Bryant Elementary was sponsored by the Bryant PTO and a grant from Farm Bureau. Public, private and charter K-5 schools interested in scheduling a FARM Science Lab visit are encouraged to register at

   The FARM Science Lab is made possible by generous donors to the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization housed by Michigan Farm Bureau.

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