MIKE ERFOURTH, an Oliver Street resident, provided the Owosso City Council with a map on Monday, Oct. 16, detailing neighborhood property owners who were in opposition to the rezoning of 621 W. Oliver Street. He was making the point that those who have come out in favor of the rezoning are not the ones who “live around the proposed rezoning.” Erfourth shared, “We’re not seeing people from the neighborhood who are showing up, saying ‘Oh gosh, we really want this office in our neighborhood.’ That doesn’t exist.”

   After reading city attorney William Brown’s proposal, Erfourth voiced concern over the lack of defined hours of operation for the business, the problem of parking lot lights, and enforcement of dumpster ordinances. He also questioned the lack of restrictions related to the facility being used as apartments, and historically appropriate signage.

   “This is not because we don’t like Michael Cross or we don’t like Say Computer. This is an actual neighborhood where people live. This is not in keeping with what the neighborhood is suppose to be after 150 years of history,” said Erfourth.

   Other residents to take issue over the rezoning included Tom Manke, who was suspicious of possible “backroom deals,” and Sam McLaren who “does not appreciate spot zoning.” Brooke Baade, who owns property directly adjacent to 621 W. Oliver Street, shared that she is “nervous to invest further in my home.”

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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