FORTITUDE FARMS AND EVENTS owner Alec Faber stands at the entry point to the first ever corn maze offered at the S. M-52 business. Eight acres of outside, open air fun, offering three different sized mazes, are available Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the first of November. Visit for pricing.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

   With the pandemic, some entertainment and exercise options became limited this year, but beginning this October, Fortitude Farms and Events on S. M-52 is introducing its first ever corn maze and pumpkin patch – offering festive fun and fresh air in a fall setting. Owners Alec and Lauren Faber did a corn maze soft opening the end of September, but going forward the maze will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through the start of November. The maze is appropriate for all ages and a COVID plan of action is in place. More information on COVID safety protocols, pricing and assorted details is available at

   Alec Faber explained some background on introducing the maze. He shared that in 2019, Fortitude had grown a half-acre of pumpkins and assorted specialty produce to see what would happen and sales had gone well. This year brought different circumstances with the pandemic, but Faber recognized he had an enormous “blank canvas” in the 120 acres he owned, and he was inspired to be creative. The decision to introduce the maze actually took place just prior to the quarantine.

   “We’re glad we went through with it and we were a little skeptical whether we were going to even be able to open, but it is outdoors. The corn maze is eight acres and there is over 4.5 miles of trails within the maze. We have three mazes: small, medium and large,” Faber shared. He explained there are two games available, too. One is designed to entertain smaller children and the other game is a mystery solving experience. Individuals can choose to participate in one of the games or just meander through the maze at their own pace.

   “The idea became to keep pushing forward with more outdoor activities,” Faber offered, after witnessing an increase in people coming out to enjoy his nature course trails, which are open January through September. He was also pleased in the strong interest in the 5K walks and runs he has offered in 2020.

   As for the corn maze, Faber reached out to former corn maze owner/operator, Brian Martindale, for assistance and information. He also hired a company from Idaho to plan out the trail using GPS (global positioning system technology), allowing for a more intricate design while not wasting corn by “just mowing it down.” This particular company offers a catalog of designs. Faber decided on a patriotic theme for the first maze, including stars and an eagle.

    Faber mentioned another nearby corn maze on Britton Road, east of Morrice, and that he is pleased there is more than one maze operation in the area. “It’s good to have other mazes to piggy back off of,” Faber said. “It keeps people in the area, because if they can go to one they can go to the other.”

   “The feedback has been good … a lot of people reaching out to us, excited to come. We’re excited now, because we’re going to be open every weekend for the whole month of October,” he explained. “We’re trying to create a family business and a family atmosphere for ourselves and others to come out here and enjoy.”

   So what happens after pumpkin and corn maze season? Faber shared they are “gearing up next year for bigger and better things.” January through April will be set aside mostly for planning.

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