by Cmdr. Gene Nethaway

   Our American Legion Post has been doing a couple of funerals recently, and I’ve talked with three different families that have had their funerals just recently and asked each of them if they were counseled with about what is available for the families during this time and what is also available for them through the VA. None of the families knew that they could receive money paid back to the family, plus more available to them because the person that died had served honorably. I realized that many people that have a loved one who has died, do not seek support that they could have given to them because nobody told them what is available.

   Therefore as the service officer for American Legion Post 502 in Elsie, as well as the six counties of the 8th District, I wish to offer my services to anyone that reads this. If you would like to have my support, or if you would like to talk with any service officer from any veterans service organization (VSO), just contact one of their service officers and ask for assistance from them, or call me and I will help you with:

• Summary of VA Dependents and Survivors Benefits

• Summary of VA Pension Benefits

• Summary of VA Education Benefits

• Summary of VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Benefits

• Summary of VA Benefits for Disabled Veterans

   I will also assist you with the following:

• Referrals to a paid professional service officers from around the state;

• Ordering discharge papers for the veteran or his family;

• Obtaining medical records;

• Ordering medals for the veteran – even if they never received any – or for his or her family even after the veteran’s death.

• If the veteran never had a military funeral, never was given their burial United States Flag, I can make this happen for the family.

   Our American Legion Post is not just here to assist veterans, but also to help people in our community. We have started doing Buddy Checks and helping the people of the Ovid-Elsie area that may need assistance in picking up groceries and/or picking up medications.

   If there is something else that we might be able to do to help you, and if you call our number, we are listening and will help anyone in need during this time. We have veterans from our post and support group members that reside in both communities. We can’t pick up people in our vehicles, because we can’t disinfect the insides of the vehicles, but we’re willing to help the whole community if they are in need.

   We have also started by calling to check on veterans (buddy checks) and their families from World War II, the Korean War or any veterans that have served. If you know of a veteran or their family that might need some support, we are trying to find them. They don’t need to be a member of any VSO for us to try to cheer them up or assist them at this time. Staying in our homes can become very depressing, and a friendly voice can help anyone through these times.

   Questions about Post 502, for the service officer and/or community assistance or veteran assistance (Buddy Check), call Post Service Officer Gene Nethaway at (989) 834-2438.

   Also, for community assistance or veteran assistance (Buddy Check), call Richard Black at (989) 277-8740.

Elsie American Legion Post 502 Update was last modified: May 4th, 2020 by Karen Elford