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Letter to the Editor


Wynoma Chalker, Owosso

11:57 am

Independent Editor,

   The Middlebury Township Board is about as underhanded as you can get. Not too many people attend the meetings, so they think they can do as they please. Why does the supervisor let the board dictate to him how things should be run? This “Harper Valley PTA” syndrome they have is shameful.

   Here’s the reason some people are so upset. A good and decent man, Gary Kiger, was on the primary ballot to run for trustee. He’s been on the board for a while. Dick Semans, another trustee, resigned because he was moving and put an ad in the paper to state that people should not vote for him because he was leaving. Well, guess what? Our friend, Gary Kiger, got left off the ballot for November and Dick Semans is on the ballot. Someone gave the wrong information to the county clerk and I don’t believe it was an accident. So, Middlebury Township, please write in Gary Kiger for trustee and not Mr. Semans.

   Middlebury Township, the dirty little games you’re playing will get you into trouble. Can you afford that?

Wynoma Chalker, Owosso

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