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Letter to the Editor


Tristan McMillan, Owosso

3:26 pm

Independent Editor,
I must admit to some exasperation as I continue to see Hartmann Aue taking shots at Owosso Mayor Ben Frederick’s life experience as somehow inadequate for the job of state representative. I have known both of these men since grade school and, frankly, Hartmann doesn’t have a leg to stand on in making such claims.
Growing up as a friend of Ben’s, I remember as early as elementary school that Saturday afternoons and evenings were off limits for play as Ben was helping with his parents’ newspaper routes. Often the whole family of five would be packed into their small car going from business to business in the rain, snow or shine. Ben then got a paper route himself at 12 years old and worked ever since, first at the news building stuffing papers, and then at age 16 at Big Lots, having hired in with his father when the store first opened. Throughout those early years, Ben sought to help support his family and never had anything handed to him.
Now Ben’s been working as a staffer in the state legislature for nearly 14 years, has been a homeowner for thirteen years, is married to the woman he’s been with since high school and they are raising two young children. Somehow, he has managed to balance a full time job with the evening and weekend responsibilities of the mayorship for seven years while at the same time raising a young family. That’s the work ethic we need representing us.
Hartmann Aue, on the other hand, has been a college student for the better part of sixteen years and never seems to stick with a job more than a year or two. He is running his State Representative campaign from his mother’s house, where he still resides at age 34. You can see why I am a bit annoyed to see him lecture others on not having “real world” experience or perspective given he has never even felt the demands of managing a household or keeping a job to support one. I have no interest in having as our state legislator a man who has not yet even taken basic steps to begin his own life.
Finally, on the topic of living one’s own life, I got a look at a ballot, and Hartmann Aue, whose signs and literature have never used his middle name– ever, is on the ballot as Hartmann Frederick Aue. If he has such disregard for Ben Frederick’s life experience and accomplishments, then why this rather bald faced little attempt to grab a couple extra votes by confusing people?
Join me in supporting Ben Frederick for state representative on Aug. 2.

Tristan McMillan, Owosso

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