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Letter to the Editor


Trent Atkins, Morrice

2:09 pm

Independent Editor,

   I am a 30-year resident of Shiawassee County and have worked full-time in public safety for 32 years, most recently as your emergency manager for Shiawassee County. Prior to Brian BeGole serving as our elected sheriff, Sheriff Braidwood punitively laid off deputies, removed road patrol protection and reduced the capabilities of our county jail.

   Sheriff BeGole returned our road patrol, improved collaboration with police, fire and EMS, invested in safety equipment and training for county first responders and brought integrity back to the ranks of the Sheriff’s Office. If you are going to say anything about Brian, it should be that he cares about the Sheriff’s Office employees, our community and the integrity of the Sheriff’s Office.

   Unfortunately, there has been a nefarious under-taking of a self-serving political smear campaign against Brian BeGole, by previous members of Sheriff Braidwood’s administration. They do not like Brian because of his integrity, selfless dedication and leadership that now shines a bright light on their failures. You must ask, why a previously failed sheriff and his staff would throw their support behind Joe Ibarra, and why would Joe Ibarra be highlighting the support of a failed sheriff administration.

   Sheriff BeGole is an experienced, proven, full-time professional Michigan Certified Law Enforcement Officer, who has chosen law enforcement as a profession and not a hobby. Shiawassee County deputies and corrections officers are some of the best and most dedicated law enforcement officers I know. Their continuous dedication to our community, even while they faced layoffs and punitive treatment during Sheriff Braidwood’s administration, was not because they were satisfied with his failed policies; it was because they are committed to our community. They deserved great leadership and that leadership is what Sheriff Brian BeGole has brought back to the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office.

   Shiawassee County cannot afford to return to failed policies of the past. We need a sheriff that has a proven record that we can trust. Do not believe the lies about Sheriff BeGole; look at the facts. Shiawassee County has been safer with Brian BeGole, and we want a full-time, professional sheriff to protect our homes, businesses and families.

Trent Atkins, Morrice

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