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Letter to the Editor


Tim Oliver, MD, FAAFP, Owosso

4:06 pm

What’s with this COVID shot anyway?

   Great minds, including persuasive speakers and distinguished scientists, are warning us to do our homework and watch out for the evils of the new COVID-19 vaccines. But these experts are ignoring the data and reaching their own conclusions based on rumor, speculation and innuendo. Expert opinion does not measure up to controlled studies.

   We have encountered many diseases, but thanks to Louis Pasteur and others, vaccines have been developed to protect us. And now we have a new class of vaccines using messenger RNA to direct our cells to make a protein that can mimic part of the germ. We can then make antibodies to that protein and have these natural antibodies to fight the germ itself. Studies, observations, data – all show the vaccine to be safe and effective. For example, the initial Pfizer-bioNTech COVID-19 trial had over 43,000 participants.

   Speculations suggests that protein from the mRNA vaccine can alter our own DNA and cause dementia, but the protein does not get into the nucleus of our cells where DNA is stored. COVID vaccines do not contain metal and will not make anyone magnetic. Vaccines do not contain microchips.

   Statistics tell us the vaccine is effective. Side effects from the vaccine are minor compared to the “side effects” of getting COVID-19 infection. Protect yourself and your fellow humans. Get the shot. Doctor’s orders.

Tim Oliver, MD, FAAFP


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