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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

12:02 pm

Independent Editor,

Before the country gets too far into a discussion of the Parkland, FL slaughter of the innocent and what we can do about it, we must put the blame for the massacre exactly where it belongs: directly on the shoulders of the NRA and its Republican Party enablers. Without their diabolical alliance, scores of innocent men, women and children who have been murdered, from Sandy Hook to Parkland, would still be alive.

The common, cynical response from the NRA and its Republican Party enablers (Check out your local and state Republicans’ votes on the issue) has been, “Calm down and don’t let your emotions get in the way of a logical, fruitful discussion of the problem at hand.” And, by the time the NRA and its Republican Party enablers are done, these crimes are almost forgotten, until the next school shooting happens. Check out their histories and see if that isn’t correct. And they are doing it again.

In the wake of the latest school mass murder in Parkland, FL, the only things the NRA, “Admitted Serial Sexual Assaulter and Habitual Liar Trump” and their Republican enablers can offer are crocodile tears, cold, cold cynicism, and empty religious platitudes.

Ninety-percent of Americans support stronger gun laws, including more stringent background checks. But, 74 percent of NRA members do also. So, what’s standing in the way of real 2nd Amendment reform and the saving of numerous lives (especially children)? The NRA leadership’s acceptance of funding from gun and ammo corporations and money laundering bank bribes to “Admitted Serial Sexual Assaulter and Habitual Liar Trump” and his Republican enablers, that’s all. The NRA Blood Money Bribes to the Trump campaign totaled more than $26 million. Of the top 100 recipients of the NRA Blood Money Bribes in the House, 95 are Republicans.

Following is a list of Republican lawmakers who take the largest NRA Blood Money Bribes that allow the murders to keep happening. First, we look at the Senate and then we will look at the House. The Senate NRA Blood Money Bribe-takers are John McCain, $7,740,521; Richard Burr, $6,97,620; Roy Blunt, $4,551,146; Thom Tillis, $4,418,012; Corey Gardner, $3,879,064; Marco Rubio, $3,303,355; Joni Ernst, $3,124,273; Rob Portman, $3,061,941; Todd Young, $2,896,732; and Bill Cassidy, $2,861,047.

Those in the House accepting the most NRA Blood Money are French Hill, $1,089,047; Ken Buck, $800,544; David Young, $707,662; Mike Simpson, $385,731; Greg Gianforte, $344,630; Don Young, $245,720; Lloyd Smucker, $221,736; Bruce Poliquin, $201,398; Pete Sessions, $158,111; and Barbara Comstock, $137,232.

If we are going to grow as a nation, we must oppose the Republican Party at every turn. As they spread their lie that Democrats want to take away everyone’s guns, buyer beware. The Republicans sold out to the wealthy and powerful a long time ago. And, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Republicans and corporations can’t solve America’s problems because the Republican Party and its corporate comrades are the problem.”

Thomas Ford, Owosso

Thomas Ford, Owosso was last modified: March 12th, 2018 by Karen Elford