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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

11:00 am

Independent Editor,

Radical Republican behavior disgusts me; it has for decades. What Harvey Weinstein did was criminal to the nth degree, but what our serial sexual assault predator and habitual liar of a president has done is equally horrendous. So far 16 women have come forward with criminal charges against Trump.

The major difference between Weinstein and Trump is that, even though the electorate was apprised of Trump’s criminal behavior, white women and evangelicals voted for him anyway and won him the election. Without their help, Trump would not be president, and, in fact, could have been on his way to prison.

And their criminality is current because they still support the serial sexual assault predator and habitual liar today. The conservative, right wing, old testament, wrathful God, modern day evangelicals still support this presidential predator. To paraphrase disgraced Gen. Michael Flynn when he addressed the attendees of the 2016 Republican Convention, Lock Him Up! And while they are at it, lock up Gen. Flynn for his collusion with an avowed enemy of the United States, Russia.

Thomas Ford, Owosso

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