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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

1:17 pm

Independent Editor,
The Republican Trump, Moolenar, Wahlberg, Snyder et al cabal are waiting like vampires in the shadows hoping the political light won’t be shining on them until all votes are cast in hopes the voters will not be able to make the political connections between these seemingly disparate groups. Republicans have encouraged the citizens to draw political nourishment from their plethora of lies and anti-government propaganda hoping for a win in November. And, if their civic ignorance is not formally addressed, the country is in line to experience a devastating political nuclear winter that could last for generations.
The Clinton campaign is experiencing a death by a thousand cuts as the unauthenticated partisan anti-Clinton family wikileak emails continue to seep out into the public domain. Even with all that, I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I am and continue to be a Sanders supporter who will be voting for Clinton. Although I will be voting for Hillary, I will be working with other Sanders supporters as they organize under their new progressive banner, Our Revolution. It is our responsibility to stay focused, hold President Clinton accountable for instituting the progressive Democratic platform and to expand it when possible.

Thomas Ford, Owosso

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