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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

10:46 am

Independent Editor,

   While my list of Admitted Serial Sexual and Habitual Liar Trump criminals is extensive, you will rarely find them apologizing for their crimes or accepting any responsibility for their actions, and most of this attitude extends out from the office of the presidency and deep into local politics The initial list, which is incomplete, will be a lot more extensive as we move through the Mueller investigation.

   Are you ready oh Republican keepers of the almost extinguished flame of freedom, truth, justice and the non-American way (Republicans)? Let’s review their transgressions.

   Criminals include Michael Cohen; Michael Flynn; Rick Gates; George Popadopoulos; Alex van der Zwaan; David Petraeus; Lt. Colonel Paula Broadwell; Steve Stockman (R-TX,); Dennis Hastert (R-IL); Michael Grimm (R-NY); Trey Radel (R-FL); Rick Renzi (R-AZ); U.S. District Judge Mark E. Fuller, Deputy White House Counsel J. Michael Farren; Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs Felipe Sixto; Deputy Chief of Staff for the Criminal Division Robert E. Coughlin; Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, Lewis Libby; United States Special Counsel Scott Bloch; Administrator for the Office of Management and Budget David Safavian; Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester Crawford; Domestic Policy Council Director Claude Allen; Federal Housing Finance Board Chairman John Korsmo; and Jack Abramoff, CNMI.

   As well as Bob Ney (R-OH), Bill Janklow (R-SD), Duke Cunningham (R-CA), Wes Cooley (R-OR), Buz Lukens (R-OH), U.S. Treasurer Catalina Vasquez Villalpando; David Durenberger Senator (R-MN), Jay Kim (R-CA), U.S. Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt; White House Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Deaver; Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Melvyn Paisley; Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, James E. Gaines; and Victor D. Cohen, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Iran–Contra affair (1985-1986); and Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Elliott Abrams.

   This is not a complete list of Republican criminals, but it gives a graphic accounting of communists and conservatives using the government for their own means, and it puts Reagan’s strategic lie that government can’t solve your problems because government is the problem was finally realized, and after electing Admitted Serial Sexual and Habitual Liar Trump. That is where our country is today. According to Republicans, neo Nazis, communists, Movement Conservatives and people of untold historical ignorance is exactly where it belongs.

   End the Republican destruction of our country. Complete the investigation and Arrest Admitted Serial Sexual, Habitual Liar and Treasonous Trump and his corrupt enablers. No country club prisons, please.

Thomas Ford, Owosso

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