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Letter to the Editor


Thomas F. Adams, Byron

11:04 am

Independent Editor,
The citizens of Shiawassee County deserve a County Clerk who will serve the people. The current County Clerk’s confusion about the role of a civil servant was on full display in the June 22, 2016 letter to the editor, “Political Ad Misstates Facts of the Situation.” (Printed in the Argus Press)
The clerk admits to engaging in politics at the expense of the residents of the county. According to the clerk: “I am being forced to redirect more time from serving the residents of this community, to focus on addressing the very few who have personal agendas.”
It’s an improper use of the office and the financial resources of Shiawassee County. Please address your critics on your own time!
The current County Clerk is adept at political maneuvering, but has demonstrated incompetence on the job. This clerk published confidential personal information and imperiled public safety.
Missing the deadline for the 2015 ballot proposal to fund the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Department endangered residents and cause long-term damage to County law enforcement. The result was the loss of more than a dozen Sheriff Department staff. The loss of skilled people takes years to restore. County Sheriff road patrols were terminated for several months. The highly effective County neighborhood watch program was sidelined as well.
The clerk’s cavalier attitude about shirking duties of office is breathtaking. We are all responsible for our actions, especially those in public service. Please, Madam Braid, stop blaming others for your inadequacies.
This 30-year resident of Burns Township is convinced; it’s time for a change in the County Clerk’s office

Thomas F. Adams, Byron

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