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Letter to the Editor


Theresa M. Grace

2:22 pm

Editor, The Independent:

The Shiawassee County Republican Party 2015 Fair questions: On Sunday, Aug. 9: Would you support Donald Trump for President? 32 No and 21 Yes. *Monday, Aug. 10: Do you feel Shiawassee County needs an administrator?

13 Yes and 13 No. *Tuesday, Aug. 11, Should Congress approve the Iran Nuclear Deal? 54 No and 4 Yes.

*Wednesday, Aug. 12: Should the Commissioners find money to fully fund the Sheriff’s Road Patrol? 25 Yes and 14 No. *Thursday, Aug. 13: Should we maintain our current term limits for our state Legislators? 10 No and 6 Yes. *Friday, Aug. 14: Should Obama Care be repealed? 35 Yes and 9 No. *Saturday, Aug. 15: Would you support an increase in the gas tax if it all went toward the roads?

13 No and 13 Yes.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and voted.

Theresa M. Grace, Chair of the Shiawassee County Executive Committee

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