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Letter to the Editor


Theresa Bandkau, Owosso

12:05 pm

Letter to the Editor,

   For most of Michigan, we have been fighting not only the virus but also the other suffering going on by being in lockdown. Our economy has suffered due to our governor, who thinks she has the ultimate power in our state. Unfortunately, it has gravely affected our seniors with her decisions in nursing homes, many of our businesses and many other people with mental and physical needs that could not get the help they needed.

   If you happen to see around the county Unlock Michigan petition signings, this is to counter the damage our governor is doing to us. This petition signing is bipartisan and made up of volunteers that are fed up with this absolute power of our governor. We do not want any governor in the future to have this much control over our lives without our other elected officials being involved.

   A governor should have 28 days of emergency power in any crisis, but after that, we need our other elected officials involved in any decision. It has been over five months since that has happened. We are collecting signatures to repeal the 1945 law that the governor is clinging to in order for her to continue to make her executive orders that affect every aspect of our lives. She has completely ignored the requests from our legislature – both Democrats and Republicans – for information and for requests to work with them. She has completely ignored our county, city and school officials who know our community better than she does to make any decisions regarding our communities. So when you see these petition signings by the Michigan citizens who have had enough of her power grabbing efforts, please sign in order to Unlock Michigan and to get our other elected officials involved in all decision making.

Theresa Bandkau, Owosso

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