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Letter to the Editor


The Shiawassee County Democratic Party

3:21 pm

Independent Editor,

   The Shiawassee County Democratic Party voices its opposition to the proposal brought before the Shiawassee County Commission to make us into a “2nd Amendment” sanctuary county. There is a very real issue with guns in this country, but it isn’t that law-abiding citizens are under the threat of losing their guns used for sporting and protection. It’s that 100 people are killed and 200 more injured in this country due to gun violence every single day. A healthy majority of Americans support common sense gun laws. When state or federal lawmakers take action to improve public safety, the people sworn to protect our community, including the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners and the Sheriff, are obligated to carry out the law – not to obstruct the law.

   There are many important issues for the board of commissioners to concern itself with for the betterment of the citizens of Shiawassee County.  Some examples include providing the county clerk with the help she needs, appointing fair committees and working to find a real solution to the county jail problem. Passing a resolution that is effectively meaningless is a waste of the time and resources that the commissioners should be spending on the citizens of Shiawassee County. We don’t need grandstanding; we need honest, competent and dedicated public servants.

    One of the main problems we face in this country is division. This push for 2nd amendment sanctuary counties is nothing more than the stoking of a wedge issue – and to what ends? The 2nd amendment is enshrined in our bill of rights. Asking local officials to ignore laws passed by state or federal legislators and signed into law by the respective executive branch is unconstitutional. The use of the word “sanctuary” suggests that a danger exists. This is nonsense. The 2nd amendment isn’t going anywhere.

    Call the commissioner of your district and tell them we don’t need more stoking of divisions and that you don’t appreciate political grandstanding taking up time that should be spent doing serious business. Adopting this ludicrous resolution would only serve to further divide the community, tell them to get to work on real issues for the citizens of this county.

The Shiawassee County Democratic Party

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