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Letter to the Editor


Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

11:07 am

Independent Editor,

   Two years ago, I took a giant leap in my life and decided to once again be DNA tested. The last time was in 2005 at U of M by my employer health insurance and I was never given the results. This time, I used my own money and started with FTDNA.

   Results came back that I was 99 percent European and no trace of Ashkenazi Jew. It was six months before I started to look at the results again. A cousin contacted me and this was when I became interested in what I saw. This prompted me for my full MTDNA. It came back that I’m from the Iberian Peninsula and my haplogroup is H1c6. Some things I can’t write about as each person will have a different journey.

   My second great-grandfather, George Albert Huntoon, and his wife, Jennie Herrick, are buried in Middlebury Township Cemetery. As my family knew nothing but that he owned all of the land in the township and it was sold, I had to know what happened in the past. Jennie Herrick’s parents were Nathan Herrick (1819-1886) and Sylvia Doane.

   The Herrick family was known here in Owosso. But contacting the Herrick genealogist was a different matter. The family branch was not documented. Nathan Herrick’s mother is Mariamne Kingsley. The Kingsleys and Herricks had willed the land to the family to never be sold, but somehow it was. When my grandfather George Albert Huntoon died in 1925, the land was sold.

   This family branch is one of the branches that connect to nearly everyone, and to every piece of history. But wait, I have a southern branch also. This branch started in Virginia at the founding of the United States. These family lines are harder to find. My tree is on as the Bethea Family Tree that is linked to my DNA.

   With my dad’s permission, I had his DNA tested and he is 100 percent European. It confirms his Czech heritage and one of the oldest DNA lines that exist.

   Please have your DNA tested to see if we are related. Do it for your country. Do it for Alfred Day Hershey, as he was honored here in Owosso.

Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

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