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Letter to the Editor


Sylvia Miller, Byron

1:19 pm

Independent Editor,
I am looking forward to the day Tony Prestonise takes the seat as Village President. He is well known and liked in and around the community, partly because of the 23 years he spent as a Volunteer Firefighter for Burns Township. He supports local businesses and is often found in the morning at the deli. You also will find him at most village events, helping in one way or another because he genuinely loves Byron. I saw him working at the new canoe launch, he’s attended nearly all of the meals at the Masonic Temple (money which goes to fund charities and good causes), the Grange and the Baron’s (which also give huge amounts to local people in need).
He is always there in the background, helping put up barricades for safe events, keeping an eye on the dam and most of all doing his best on the council to make sure the decisions made are based solely on what is best for Byron and the will of the people. I know he will be open and honest with the community about any issues that come up. That’s why I’m voting for Anthony Prestonise.

Sylvia Miller, Byron

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