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Letter to the Editor


Suzanne Holloway, Corunna

1:30 pm

Editor, The Independent:

For something that has been a rule/law or really just common sense since I was in kindergarten (I will be 27 this year) and really probably way before that, people have a really hard time remembering how important it is to not run a Stopped School Bus with its Stop Sign out and Lights flashing, so students can get on or off the bus.

This past year, I counted at least 25 different people run the bus dropping my children off alone. I cannot even begin to tell you how many other parents have the same trouble. Why should this become a tragedy before someone does something?

Yes, in the state of Michigan it is now allowed to drop/pickup children and cross them, but all it will take is for a child’s paper to blow across that road – and them to chase it, and “Bam!” please remember to stop for our school buses. Let’s raise awareness before it becomes a fatality.

Suzanne Holloway, Corunna

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