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Letter to the Editor


Susie Shanahan Phillips, Owosso

4:42 pm

Editor, The Independent:

In the fall of 1973, I walked through the doors of Owosso Middle School as a seventh-grade student. I found the building to be old, dark and dilapidated.

In the fall of 2002, I again walked through those doors, this time as an Owosso Middle School teacher. I found the building to be much the same, but with obvious signs of almost thirty additional years of wear and tear. The Owosso Public School district, despite limited funds, has done an admirable job maintaining and operating this outdated facility. However, its best days are forever behind it.

A recent letter to the editor suggests that the quality of an education is not impacted by new and improved facilities. I take issue with that. Yes, excellent teaching and curriculum are essential, and Owosso is on the cutting edge with our International Baccalaureate Program. But, no one can deny that one’s physical environment also plays a powerful role in one’s pride in learning. Children in communities that support education are more motivated to achieve. Let’s show the children of Owosso that we support education and expect great things from them.

Please vote “Yes” on Nov. 3.

Susie Shanahan Phillips, Owosso

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