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Letter to the Editor


Suann Mead, Owosso

5:57 pm

Independent Editor,

   I am writing this letter because I am extremely upset about the behavior of our congressman, John Moolenaar. Mr. Moolenaar seems to have forgotten he was elected to serve everyone, not just the people who voted for Donald Trump.

   By signing on to Donald Trump’s lawsuit to throw out Michigan’s votes, and to attempt to overturn a legal election, Moolenaar is showing disdain for the many people who voted to remove Trump from office. I believe that this could be described as sedition, if not, then something very closely resembling sedition. Moolenaar, and every member of congress who signed on to Trump’s ridiculous lawsuit, claiming election fraud, should be investigated themselves. What election fraud? Every court has declined to hear any case, including the Supreme Court.

   Trump needs to stop acting like a spoiled 5-year-old throwing a tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way. Moolenaar needs to remember he is representing democrats, and stop enabling a man who is possibly mentally ill.

Thank you,

Suann Mead, Owosso

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