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Letter to the Editor


Steve Corey, Corunna

4:35 pm

Editor, The Independent:

The residents of the Corunna School District will have the opportunity to vote “Yes” for a millage request on Tuesday, Nov. 3. This is the identical millage which was requested in May of this year. I believe it marginally failed earlier due to the fact that other controversial and questionable proposals from the state and local governments were on the same ballot.

This proposal is vital to the continuation of the Corunna Public School buildings and facilities to be able to maintain a safe, proper and secure environment for the student population.

The reason this proposal was not reduced is because it would be irresponsible to make reductions for passage when these are the minimum replacement and fixes to our facilities, which are needed to be completed.

This proposal was born out of a group of over 70 district residents who put in a great deal of discussion and inspection of the entire district facilities. I believe this is a very tax conscious group of individuals who have no interest in frills, but wish to preserve the integrity of our district. We are also District taxpayers and although we don’t like tax increases either, it seems irresponsible to ignore necessities of repair!

The District officials, under the direction of Sup’t. Dave Moore, have made some drastic and positive student and teacher changes to realign the operational needs, which most efficiently serve the educational needs of our student population. The Shiawassee Street School has been closed and is being sold. Regular K-12 students will all be housed within the confines of Corunna District buildings without the need for the use of Nellie Reed (Elementary) in Vernon. This will save money in transportation costs and building repairs in the future.

Since our student population has severely decreased (like most school districts in Michigan) over the past 20 years, these consolidations and realignments are absolutely necessary. Our buildings have been expertly maintained; but over time and use everything wears out. Our boilers of 40 and 50 years old can no longer be repaired as parts are simply no longer available. Our school roofing needs replacement; school exterior doorways need replacement and reconfiguration for security needs. Unfortunately our society has moved in a direction, which requires the need for added security to protect our children. Our technology is very outdated and our potable water supply piping (from the 1950s) needs replacing. A complete list of needs served by this millage may be seen on the Corunna Public School website.

Every dollar of this ballot proposal will be for the buildings and facilities of the school system. It is strictly for the brick and mortar issues of our schools with our control. None of this money shall be used for staff, benefits or retirements for employees of the school system. I believe our Sup’t. Dave Moore is leading us to a better path of financial stability and a better path of instruction.

I would like to encourage all voting residents of the Corunna Public School District to please consider the structural needs of the school system and vote “Yes” on Nov. 3. Thank you.

Steve Corey, Corunna

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