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Letter to the Editor


Sharon Richmond

1:55 pm

Independent Editor,

In response to a recent letter in The Independent on Sunday, Sept. 9 from the mayor of Perry – Mr. Green presented the proposal for the medical marijuana to the council and the visitors at the Aug. 28 meeting very well. He didn’t slap paperwork down in front of the council members as the mayor of Perry did, which was rude and disrespectful. In Mr. Green’s speech, he did not suggest or accuse anyone of being ignorant or intolerant, or of bullying the local businesses. And they didn’t angrily chastise the residents of Morrice.

I’ve been around a long time and I must have missed it somewhere, when we became good neighbors of Perry.

You made Pat Green, Mark Turner and Ernie Ploof sound like villains.

Proud to be a Morrice resident with or without the medical marijuana facility,

Sharon Richmond

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