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Letter to the Editor


Sandra Tejkl-Homola, Owosso Charter Township

1:42 pm

Independent Editor,

My name is Sandra Tejkl-Homola. I’ve lived in the Owosso area all my life and worked elections for 40-plus years.

I’m writing to thank two guardian angels who came out to vote in Precinct 2 in Owosso Charter Township.

A gentleman came up to my station and asked me where my fan was. I told him I didn’t have one. He noticed the two other fans at the other stations that were blowing the heat around. He told me after he and his wife voted, he’d go home and bring me back a fan, which he did. He returned with a large window fan and cord. He plugged it in and placed it right in front of me. It was so appreciated. It saved me from heat stroke.

Thank you so much to you and your wife. The fan can be picked up at the township hall on S. Delaney Road.

There are still some wonderful, thoughtful people out there that we should take notice of and be kind to.

After last Tuesday’s heat, it was my last election to work at. I’ll retire.

I pity the workers who have to work on N. M-52 in the November election and for other elections.

Thank you again to my guardian angels.

Sincerely yours,

Sandra Tejkl-Homola, Owosso Charter Township

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