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Letter to the Editor


Ryan Painter, Owosso

2:08 pm

Independent Editor,

   I’m writing as the father of a six-year-old son with Down Syndrome. I want to thank Representative Ben Frederick for all the hard work he has done to help special needs families in Michigan.  I know Ben is the father of two special needs children himself, so when he tackles these issues he knows firsthand about our struggles and the daily challenges our children face. Ben takes the time to work on behalf of a segment of the population that too many of our legislators (and legislative hopefuls) forget about.

   For instance, he passed legislation into law that creates a special needs fingerprint database so law enforcement can reunite lost nonverbal children with their parents. He also worked hard on a bill allowing for a special designation on driver’s licenses and state ID cards that signifies communication impairment. Ben has also been a staunch advocate for more workforce placement opportunities for special needs individuals. And he has done all this without shouting down his opponent or smearing everyone from across the aisle. Thank you, Ben. You’ve got my vote this November.

Ryan Painter, Owosso

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