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Letter to the Editor


Ron Wilson, Owosso

1:15 pm

Independent Editor,
Where do you stand? Yesterday while driving around I saw two or maybe three church signs that read: “PRAY TO END ABORTION.” Are you aware that since 1973 when the Supreme Court upheld Roe vs. Wade in a 5 to 4 decision abortion on demand has been the law of the land here in the United States of America? To date 58 million human babies have been aborted. That’s right, 58,000,000 at a rate of 3,000 a day.
How many of you know that the ghastly, demonic Nazi extermination of the Jews in WWII called the Holocaust took the lives of 6 million. An act that all mankind except for a few have always and always will be remembered as the epitome of Evil.
So how do we account for what has happened here when what was once called a Christian nation allows the killing of 58 million of the most innocent and helpless among us? If there is a God in Heaven who is the author of life and I believe there is, how can He be pleased with us when we stand idly by and let it happen?
I wondered, certainly we should pray but should we not also “vote to end abortion”? We have a choice in the coming election. One political party in their written platform says that they will fight to keep “abortion” the law of the land. The other parties platform states that they will do all they can to end it. The Bible says that one of the things God hates is the shedding of innocent blood. Whose side are you on? It is your choice!

Ron Wilson, Owosso

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