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Letter to the Editor


Roger Snyder, Owosso

11:35 am

Independent Editor,

I became aware of marijuana in 1964. Prior to that the recreational drug was used mostly in inner cities and on college campuses. It wasn’t as potent as today’s marijuana, so suppliers sprayed hair spray on it, laced it with hash oil, LSD, or other drugs to get users higher. Because of these unscrupulous suppliers, I have always leaned toward controlled legalization.

Pot makes people laugh, hungry, and mellow. No one has ever died from over consumption of cannabis. Smoking anything is unhealthy, however, edibles are a less harmful recreational drug.

In 1967 heroin reared its ugly head at some secluded parties in Owosso. Most teenagers hated the idea of addictive drugs showing up. People that have never injected a drug to get high can’t comprehend injecting a substance that may destroy or kill themselves. Its not only a horrible way to die (choking to death on your own vomit), it destroys the entire family by enslaving the addict to sell everything they own, and stealing anything they can get their hands on.

Opioids are strong painkillers for illnesses like cancer and other severe ailments, and can be found in most family medicine cabinets. Cannabis (Rick Simpson Oil) is the greatest alternative to these addictive medicines. Cannabis has relieved symptoms of Agent Orange in veterans, cured stage 4 cancer, relieved arthritis, and halted blinding glaucoma.

I don’t worry about people who use cannabis. I worry about how governments will turn an inexpensive drug into an unaffordable product. Cannabis can be detected in the blood stream for up to a month. Will this be turned into another family destroyer, like driving under the influence, which created a huge pot of gold for attorneys, government, and insurance companies to dip from?

It’s time for government to stop working for special interests and work for the taxpayers they were elected to represent. Investors in cannabis are going to remodel old buildings that have sat for years and will be a big plus for Owosso, if government doesn’t over regulate. Why do politicians get their mug in the paper every time someone says or accomplishes something (like they had something to do with it)?

Senator Rick Jones is the only politician who makes sense. I have no connection with Senator Jones. I just like what he says and wish he was running this industry.

Roger Snyder, Owosso

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