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Letter to the Editor


Roger Snyder, Owosso

11:35 am

Independent Editor,
I will always be for less government, less taxes and more freedom. The city council (except Burton Fox) glorified the mayor and slanted  the truth while giving the mayor credit for everything the council sees as a positive, therefore he must take credit for everything negative as well.
1. The Mayor should have convinced the council to pass a development for House of Mok that would have helped our city tremendously, he failed. By doing so he cost the city the development of the rest of East M-21 and could have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly because of increased property values. Not tax increases on residents property.
2. In 2010, the zoning board of appeals reviewed four duplexes for rezoning. Many residents from the neighborhood voiced their opinions, all against rezoning. I voiced my concern that the city will lose all future taxes on the property because the potential buyer was tax exempt. The neighborhood residents and the two parties that had offers, including mine, were sure it would be turned down. It was not. Yes, I lost out on a sale, but what really bothers me is the city loses $15,000 every year.
Mr. Eveleth, I will explain three scenarios on different tax issues, I hope you can follow.
1. Not passing the House of Mok development, not only caused the loss of $40,000 a year, it also cost hundreds of thousands a year from the rest of M-21 not being developed along with it. This would not be raising taxes on existing property owners, but vastly improving developed property values.
2. By allowing property to be tax exempt, it’s necessary to raise someone else’s taxes or cut spending.
3. City Council passed nine pages worth of permits, inspections, fines, and fees  without approval from the residents. Those apply to every home in Owosso, not just rentals. The City Council by past the voters approval and has not stated what the tax increase is for. Why are people not mad about this? Maybe when grandmothers, daughters and handicaps have to pay they will wake up?
I hope the voters agree to break up the people that have taken over our city and are passing cost that will forever be a burden to property owners.

Roger Snyder, Owosso

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