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Letter to the Editor


Roger Perrigo

10:45 am

Editor, The Independent:

My name is Roger Perrigo, a 20-year USAF veteran, I’m a taxpayer and concerned Shiawassee Township resident who is responding to Lynn Soloc’s letter, which was in a publication on June 27.

I attended June’s Shiawassee Township Board meeting and the Township Board thoroughly discussed concerns and suggestions that were given. It was nice to meet the new sexton and the company representative that mows the grass in all the cemeteries. The lawn care representative explained how the maintenance operation was going and made a few suggestions, “which they were great suggestions.” I understand and along with every other resident that we have had a lot of rain the previous week, but our cemeteries still look great compared to other cemeteries. I have seen issues with grave headstones or markers, but it is not the townships fault there are some weeds around or between those headstones or markers. Family and friends who have planted flowers, perennials, bushes and place artificial flowers for those loved ones have not returned to maintain those areas. I appreciate the edging “weed whipping” that has been done, “cut it short” cutting the grass around the headstones and markers keeps weeds from covering those markers and headstones.

There was great discussion of putting new cemetery signs up at the main entry of Newburg and both Fremont Cemeteries notifying all guests and residents of the cemetery rules, cemetery hours, no parking on grass and all contact information – which I support. I did however bring up one more concern that could not be answered, “Where is the old metal Fremont sign that used to hang from the trees on the south side?” The cemetery manager said they will look into that. As a taxpayer compared to Lynn Soloc, who apparently is not a resident of Shiawassee Township, I appreciate the Shiawassee Township Board for being fiscally responsible with the budget and adapting to modern times. Changes take time. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Roger Perrigo, Shiawassee Township resident

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