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Letter to the Editor


Roger H. Brown, Literacy For All (LFA)

2:34 pm

Independent Editor,

This is an update on the reading table established at the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint. Your donations of used books and magazines have made this a successful mission: “Literacy For All.”

The table is draped in blue with a “Catholic Charities” insignia and a colorful wall sign saying, “Free books and magazines compliments of West Vienna UMC.” Neatly arranged, the table will hold about 100 books and magazines. Another reading shelf is set up at the Salvation Army kitchen in Owosso.

Satisfaction is derived when we see adults and children go to the book table first, before getting in line for dinner. All of this is possible because of donated reading material from parishioners, libraries and library patrons. As God would say, “Well done, good servant.”

A sincere thank you,

Roger H. Brown, Literacy For All (LFA)

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