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Letter to the Editor


Roger Elford, Owosso

11:33 am

Independent Editor:
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, was once quoted as saying, “All politics is local.” Very true. On August 2 our area has a very important local primary election. One of the most important votes to be cast is for the Shiawassee County Clerk position. It is interesting to witness that several honorable and highly respected people are supporting the candidacy of Caroline Wilson to become the new County Clerk and replace Lauri Braid for that position. Specifically, former judges the Honorable Gerald Lostracco and the Honorable James Clatterbaugh have endorsed Caroline Wilson. Their opinions alone are very valuable as they together have served the judicial system of this county for decades and know the inner workings of the courthouse in Corunna. I would vote for Caroline Wilson just on their recommendations if I had nothing else to base a judgment.
However, I do have something else that’s influenced my thinking calling for a change in the county clerk’s office. In November of 2014, I made a FOIA request from County Clerk Lauri Braid seeking the expense records of the former county administrator T.J. Clark. She denied my request indicating in a letter that the “documents do not exist.” She not only displayed a lack of will and integrity by denying the request but she obstructed justice which is a violation of law. The records did in fact exist and were reported on the front page of the December 1, 2014 edition of the Argus Press. After the Argus Press article, she sent me redacted copies of the information I was seeking. My personal experience in dealing with the current County Clerk Lauri Braid indicates that a change needs to be made and therefore I am supporting Caroline Wilson to become the new Shiawassee County Clerk. The citizens of this county deserve better than what we have. Please join many citizens in this county by voting in the August 2 GOP primary election for Caroline Wilson. Remember all politics is “local.”

Roger Elford, Owosso

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