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Letter to the Editor


Rochella Love Smith, Owosso

12:21 pm

Independent Editor,

I just had to share with MORE moms and moms to be and others of our community about how amazing PRC is. When I told my Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP) nurse this desire, she recommended I “write a letter to the editor.”

So, what is PRC? It stands for Pregnancy Resource Center, and it also doubles as Elizabeth’s – an incredibly affordable donation-based thrift shop of baby clothes and accessories up to 2T. It is located on the corner of Mason and Ball streets, right here in Owosso. Their baby items are always so nice and good quality, and the ladies who work there are so kind and generous. I first went to Pregnancy Resource Center to get a proof of pregnancy test done for MDDHS paperwork, and that’s when I met Cary Carrel. She was very kind and respectful, and when my husband and I told her that we were Christians, she offered to pray with us and over our baby.

She then told us they offer a range of different classes (for up to two years) that are all about pregnancy, parenting, fatherhood, budgeting and many others all called the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program. My husband and I decided to take advantage of all their services because, after all, you never really can be too prepared for your first child. We started classes right away and are still with them. We have learned so much about my pregnancy and the first year of our daughter’s life in one class together, and my husband took a 10-week class called Practical Fatherhood.

Currently, in addition to still learning about the infant years, we are also taking a class in budgeting and finances. I know what you’re thinking… “That’s the learn part, what about the earn part?” Well, for every class you attend, each prenatal visit you go to with your doctor, homework you do and every time you go to church, you earn “Baby Bucks,” which is money you can spend (only at PRC/Elizabeth’s) on clothes, baby accessories and lots more.

But there is a catch. They wouldn’t be able to help anyone without the help of donations from our community. The more new or gently used baby items that are donated to them, the more woman and children they can help. My husband and I have been so blessed, we have been able to buy almost everything we need for our baby through PRC and Elizabeth’s with baby bucks because we happen to be clients at a time where our community has really come together and helped. In addition to all the items we have bought from their store with baby bucks, this Christmas an anonymous donor donated money towards a bill we were having trouble paying, and another blessing came when a woman’s book club sponsored us for Christmas and gave us so many beautiful gifts. I couldn’t even begin to list them all. Although everyone’s experience won’t be exactly like ours, we have saved hundreds of dollars thanks to PRC, and with more donations from our community and more woman/couples who seek extra information and resources on pregnancy and parenting, PRC could help even more families like they helped my husband and I.

Rochella Love Smith


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