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Letter to the Editor


Rick Ross, Chairman, Citizens for Traditional Values Shiawassee

1:52 pm

Independent Editor,

People in Michigan Senate District 24, which includes Shiawassee, Clinton and Eaton counties and the northeast corner of Ingham County, are receiving mailings from Michigan for Traditional Values (MTV) denouncing State Representative Tom Barrett, who is running for the 24th Senate seat. MTV, based in Lansing, was formed June 20, 2018 as a nonprofit and is not related to Citizens for Traditional Values (CTV), which was founded in 1989 by James Muffett, also based in Lansing. Citizens for Traditional Values Shiawassee (CTVS) was formed in 2010 as an affiliate of CTV and has no affiliation with MTV.

Though MTV is denouncing Senate candidate Tom Barrett as not being a true conservative, CTV’s PAC is proudly supporting State Representative Tom Barrett for the Michigan 24th Senate seat! After interviewing both GOP candidates for the 24th Senate seat, CTV finds Representative Tom Barrett to be, hands down, the more conservative candidate who not only holds the more conservative positions, but can clearly and convincingly articulate his convictions with a proven track record in the State House to back it up.

Special interest groups who want more state entanglement through government subsidies for green energy have put millions of dollars into a campaign against Representative Barrett and others who are simply asking hard questions about the impact of state subsidized green energy on the people of Michigan.

Those who know CTV and CTVS, know where we stand regarding the right to life, traditional marriage and family, educational choice, religious freedom and the proper role of limited government. We are asking you to disregard the “conservative” MTV mailings regarding GOP Senate candidate Tom Barrett when you go to vote in the August 7 primary. You can vote with complete confidence for Tom Barrett for Michigan Senate seat 24!

Rick Ross, Chairman,

Citizens for Traditional Values Shiawassee

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