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Letter to the Editor


Rick Mowen, President, Owosso Public Schools Board of Education

6:34 pm

Independent Editor,

  As President of the Board of Education for Owosso Public Schools, I am reaching out to express my support for the upcoming Sinking Fund Millage Renewal. This is not a new tax but a renewal of a crucial resource that focuses on safety and security projects and asset improvements for our district. Therefore, a vote in support of the Sinking Fund Millage Renewal does not increase taxes but it does allow more resources to be focused directly on our students.

   The importance of this fund cannot be overstated. It provides the means to maintain and improve all school facilities, including safety and security enhancements. In Owosso, we are stewards of several aging, historic school buildings that stand as community landmarks. These structures require ongoing maintenance to preserve their integrity and function. The Sinking Fund allows us to protect these valuable assets for future generations while providing a safe and effective learning environment for our students today.

   Failing to renew the millage would have serious ramifications. Deferred maintenance issues would compound, leading to a cycle of deterioration and more costly repairs in the future. While a great deal of improvements were completed on the Owosso 6th-12th Grade Campus as a result of the 2017 bond passing, there are still projects at that building, our elementary schools and the numerous other district properties that need to be addressed.

   The renewal of this fund is an investment in our history and our future. It represents a commitment to safeguard our assets while preparing for the challenges ahead. I am grateful for the community’s consistent support for our schools and trust that this critical renewal will receive the backing it so rightly deserves.

   I urge you to vote in favor of renewing the Sinking Fund Millage. It’s an essential step in maintaining our community schools’ assets and a vital investment in our shared future.


Rick Mowen, President, Owosso Public Schools Board of Education

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