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Letter to the Editor


Rick Downs, Owosso

11:07 am

Independent Editor,

   Mr. Thomas Ford, in a letter recently published in The Independent, proposes the people of the United States should apologize to Iran for “bringing down a democratically-elected government in 1950.” I have a different opinion.

   I propose that Iran should apologize for taking 52 Americans hostage and holding them for 444 days without charges, only releasing them when Ronald Regan took office.

   I propose Iran should apologize for killing and imprisoning thousands of their own people for the crime of opposing the views of their government.

   I propose Iran should apologize for exporting terror to all parts of the Middle East, resulting in death for thousands of innocent people including children.

   I propose Iran should apologize for killing and maiming thousands of American men and women who serve in the American military, as well as those from all other countries.

   I propose Iran should apologize to the thousands of wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and children who have had a parent or child taken from them or severely injured by IEDs made in and supplied by Iran.

   I suggest that Bernie Sanders apologize to all the above for choosing to support views of the government of Iran over those of his own government. Maybe Thomas Ford should, too.

Rick Downs, Owosso

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