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Letter to the Editor


Richard L Ross, Owosso

11:37 am

Independent Editor,

   Sunday’s edition of The Argus-Press carried a front page headline entitled “GOP in power grab to rein in Dem govs on virus response” by Scott Bauer of the Associated Press. I can’t remember reading an article masquerading as a news story that was more an opinion piece than a news story. Sometimes headlines can be misleading as to what is actually communicated in an article, but the bias in the body of the article was as bad or worse than the headline, at least as pertaining to our situation in Michigan.

   Here are some examples: “Republican-controlled legislatures are increasingly trying to strip Democratic governors of their executive authority to close businesses and schools, a power grab by lawmakers”…“The efforts to undermine Democratic governors”…“moves by Republicans trying to seize control of the response to the virus”…“hotbeds of right-wing protests”…“The GOP lawmakers”…“attempts”…“to curb the powers of Democratic governors.”…“seeking to override their governors…”

   Never mind that, at least in Michigan, the Republican-led House and Senate have genuine legal concerns regarding the governor’s claimed power to extend shelter-in-place executive orders beyond her original state of emergency orders that were legally limited to 28 days without legislative input and for as long she thinks is necessary.

   Never mind there are many of our elected representatives and many citizens of Michigan who have genuine concerns regarding one person, our governor, exerting power over every aspect of over nine million lives. The governor claims to have this power for a stated indefinite period of time; in other words, “for as long as it takes, until it’s safe!” Who gets to decide when it’s safe or what safe means? Governor Whitmer says she has unilateral authority with no input from our elected representatives to whom we have delegated our authority and represent our voice in what laws we must live under.

   According to this AP article, it is all just a GOP-led effort “to strip Democratic governors of their executive authority” and “trying to seize control of the response to the virus” to “curb the powers of Democratic governors” and “seeking to override their governors.” How about honestly reporting that Michigan’s GOP-led legislature wants to work with our governor to arrive at strategies for reopening Michigan that reflects more of the will of the people who elected them and better reflects the regional needs or our diverse state as opposed to a top down, one size fits all onerous mandate.

   The author of this article is either ignorant of our form of government, with its separation of powers and checks and balances, or he is being deliberately biased in his reporting, neither of which speaks well of his reporting. This is why so many are turning to alternative media to gain other perspectives. This is why we need freedom of speech and press and to resist all efforts to control what is deemed acceptable speech and what is not.

Richard L Ross, Owosso

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